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Audio and Video Equipment, Mobile Phone and Car Accessories Manufacturer

CE-LINK is a reputable Chinese manufacturer of the audio video equipment and the mobile phone and computer accessories. We are mainly devoted to the research, development, production and marketing of different products including the audio and video peripherals, IP cameras, the mobile phone and car accessories, the computer and networking accessories, as well as various related equipment cables.
Here our customers can find a diverse range of products such as the HDMI cable, HDMI switcher, splitter, converters, adapters, USB products, MHL products, Apple accessories, and some other hardness cables. In addition, OEM and ODM services are available in our company. Please contact us at any time for more information.

    1. Car ChargerIt can be plugged into a cigarette lighter of a car, which allows our user to charge his mobile phone or tablet PC on the car. This product gives much convenience for long-term travelers.
    1. Apple AccessoriesIt adopts high-purity, oxygen-free copper conductor to provide the optimum signal quality. The use of a braided metal shield can resist RF interference to guarantee the best quality of signal transmission.
    1. Samsung Galaxy S4 HDTV AdaptorThe Samsung Galaxy S4 HDTV adaptor is perfect for connecting Samsung Galaxy S4 display content to a HDTV or HD display. Built-in infrared remote control protocol allows users to control a mobile phone through a TV remote controller.
    1. Mini DisplayPort AdapterIn addition, it supports Mini DP1.1 input and DVI signal output. The maximum allowable video resolution of DVI reaches 1080P. The Mini DisplayPort supplies power, so there is no need to connect the external power source with MI1080p resolution.